Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mayor Lichtenstein's stated agenda

Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 02/15/06BY RICHARD QUINNTOMS RIVER BUREAU LAKEWOOD

Mayor Meir Lichtenstein, in his first extensive public comments since taking over the township's top post, has announced a platform of initiatives for 2006.

Lichtenstein, in an hour-long interview at his municipal building office this week, said his first priority is to find an amicable solution to the day laborer quandary downtown.A property manager who understands when merchants complain how the men -- many of whom are illegal immigrants -- deter business, Lichtenstein said the township must also find a way to treat the men with dignity and respect.

Other initiatives for the year include:Instilling more public confidence in the township's embattled police department, which has weathered several allegations of police brutality in the past few years.

Working with the Board of Education to lobby state officials to increase education funding to Lakewood. The funding inequity hurts taxpayers, Lichtenstein said, adding the township may be able to help the district attain more funding.

Holding meetings of township department heads so employees can better work together to address residents complaints. The first of these meetings already has been held.

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