Thursday, March 09, 2006

$$$$$$ Lakewood's Master plan Committee $$$$$$$$

As we look at the list of members on Lakewood's Master Plan Committee we seriously question the possibility of a conflict of interest of some of the members on the list. Note; Yes I, Yehuda Shain did apply to be a member & was not chosen.

At least some of the Members on Lakewood's Master Plan Committee are wheelers in the Real Estate market and therefore should raise a red flag as it would have the look of the possibility of "insider trading".

I don't know the resume or affiliations of many on the list nonetheless some names struck me.

Adam Buckwald I think is in construction & deals in Real Estate, Mitch Dolobowsky works for Ralph Zucker Somerset Development, There also listed an owner of an Engineering firm that is listed as an owner or partner in a number of Real Estate properties, A few Attorneys that are involved heavily with developers are listed, Ben Heineman, Aaron Kotler, Moshe Weisberg, all Vaad members, Bruce Stern Atty with Madison Title, Elliot Zaks a Real Estate dealer, Ralph Zucker of Somerset Devolpment, Charles Silberberg A real estate owner & developer, and Committeeman Charles Cunliffe asked that he forgot to include Meier Hertz a wheeler in Real Estate.

I think that a requirement should be all to fill out a form that would list all of their affiliations and if there "may-be" a conflict of interest, otherwise it doesn't sit right.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

When will Lakewood have a Civillian Police Review Board?


The Lakewood Civillian Police Review Board has been coming up over the past few years, but never implemented "yet" WHY NOT?

Every time there is a public incident re police brutality there is an outcry of the need of a Civillian Police Review Board.
There are countless episodes in Lakewood that were not publicized that would have been better served with a Civillian Police review board.
Most all of the complaints filed with the Police Internal Affairs gets buried under the carpet, to the point that no one even bothers to file complaints with the Lakewood Police Internal Afairs.

The VAAD is attempting to cover up on the desperate need of a Civillian Police Reviw Board by making a public forum with the Police Director "to voice any problems you have with the Lakewood Police" WHAT A SHAM!!"

If any one intends to fall for it & attend the Public Forum, you should ask over and over ONE QUESTION ONLY!WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A CIVILLIAN POLICE REVIEW BOARD," NOT IF-BUT WHEN."