Thursday, March 09, 2006

$$$$$$ Lakewood's Master plan Committee $$$$$$$$

As we look at the list of members on Lakewood's Master Plan Committee we seriously question the possibility of a conflict of interest of some of the members on the list. Note; Yes I, Yehuda Shain did apply to be a member & was not chosen.

At least some of the Members on Lakewood's Master Plan Committee are wheelers in the Real Estate market and therefore should raise a red flag as it would have the look of the possibility of "insider trading".

I don't know the resume or affiliations of many on the list nonetheless some names struck me.

Adam Buckwald I think is in construction & deals in Real Estate, Mitch Dolobowsky works for Ralph Zucker Somerset Development, There also listed an owner of an Engineering firm that is listed as an owner or partner in a number of Real Estate properties, A few Attorneys that are involved heavily with developers are listed, Ben Heineman, Aaron Kotler, Moshe Weisberg, all Vaad members, Bruce Stern Atty with Madison Title, Elliot Zaks a Real Estate dealer, Ralph Zucker of Somerset Devolpment, Charles Silberberg A real estate owner & developer, and Committeeman Charles Cunliffe asked that he forgot to include Meier Hertz a wheeler in Real Estate.

I think that a requirement should be all to fill out a form that would list all of their affiliations and if there "may-be" a conflict of interest, otherwise it doesn't sit right.

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