Friday, May 05, 2006

Seperation of Church & State??

Lakewood stages 55th National Day of Prayer service
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 05/5/06BY RICHARD QUINNTOMS RIVER BUREAU LAKEWOOD — The Rev. Sandra Gonzalez of Spirit-Filled Life Ministries needed only one guest to join her in Town Square on Thursday night.
He showed, so the rest took care of itself.
It didn't matter that a local businessman was disappointed after the mayor learned the law allows prayer warriors to proselytize even if the speakers who propel their words are powered by electricity paid for by taxpayers.

[It didn't matter that the businessman went to the Lakewood police watch commander to complain about the noise, use of Taxpayers electricity, and proselytizing to convert all the Jews.

It didn't matter that the watch commander said it's perfectly allright to procelytize & use Township electricity, "if you don't like it-speak to your Mayor-Meir".
It didn't matter that the service toggled back and forth between English and Spanish, a public sign of respect to the masses of Latino immigrants who have flooded Lakewood in recent years and comprised more than half of the worshippers Thursday night.
It didn't matter that the evangelical service — celebrated so loudly it could be heard several blocks away — drew momentary glares from passers-by who wanted to know what those people were doing.
It didn't matter because He showed up.
"As long as it's me and God," Gonzalez said. "It's not about numbers. It's about your faithfulness and obedience to the call."
The rest was important to her, but without God, it doesn't matter.


a yid in golus said...

I was present when the man complained to the police commander. I have to say it might have helped, or at least helped to not make a chilul Hashem had he not come in shouting, not used a certain word that even the goy who came in with him (to argue against him) wouldn't use (& pointed this out to him too).
It also would have been a lot better had he thought out what he would say,& instead of saying "they're using electricity paid for by the Jews" say they're using etc. paid for by taxpayers. When the man then changed his words and said "taxpayers" instead of "Jews" the cop said "Now you're changing what you said the Jews were paying for it. To which he answered "90% of the taxes are paid by the Jews." Of course a large portion are paid by us, but why exaggerate? All of these things just did one thing: took away any credibility he might have had.
One last comment: WAKE UP!! WE ARE IN GOLUS!! Just because this is a Toradik town doesn't make it OUR HOME. We have to pick our fights and reserve them for what is truly an issue and winnable. Was there ANY danger of a single yid becoming meshumad by hearing in passing some apikursos spoken in mixed spanish and english? Besides, I was in the township parking lot for a while before and after the man charged into the police station, and didn't hear anything about trying to convert us. the closest I heard was them praying for "the non-believers" to believe. Besides, did he really believe the cop would side with him and shut down the service? Really, it does our community and yidden in general no good by shouting and complaining in this manner.


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