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Lakewood, NJ - Police Release Sketch of Lakewood Attack Suspect.
Lakewood, NJ - Police have released a composite sketch of the man being sought in the attack on a third-grade Orthodox school teacher Tuesday night.The investigation into the attack of Mordechai Moskowitz, 53, of Lakewood, is being conducted by Lakewood Police Detectives Greg Staffordsmith and Steve Wexler,
along with Investigator Carlos Trujillo-Tovar from the Ocean County Prosecutors Office. Police are asking the public to call if they have any information or saw anything out of the ordinary about 8 p.m. Tuesday on Princeton Avenue, Isnardi said.Anyone with information is asked to call the Lakewood Police Detective Bureau at (732) 363-0200 and ask for Wexler at ext. 5344 or Staffordsmith ext. 5341. [app]
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Lakewood police investigate baseball bat attack on Orthodox man
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/10/07-BY MARGARET F. BONAFIDE Post Comment
LAKEWOOD — Police are investigating what prompted an apparent unprovoked baseball bat attack which critically injured an Orthodox resident about 8 p.m. Tuesday, said Detective Lt. Joseph Isnardi.

Police Officer Summer Cunliffe responded to the call Tuesday and found a man in his 50s bleeding profusely from the head, in what was an apparent beating with a baseball bat, Isnardi said. The attack happened on Princeton Avenue, between 12th and Carey streets.

Police found a bloodied baseball bat at the scene and it has been taken into evidence, Isnardi said.Isnardi said the man's identity is not being released because he has family members who have not been notified of the attack and he is in critical condition at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Hatzollah and Lakewood First Aid responded with paramedics and transported the victim to the trauma unit.Police established a crime scene and Detectives Steve Wexler and Greg StaffordSmith investigated the incident.

Police are asking the public to call if they have any information or saw anything out of the ordinary about that time on Princeton Avenue, Isnardi said."We don't have anything,'' Isnardi said. "The guy was just walking down the street with no hint of a robbery or anything. It is unexplained at this point.''Anyone with any information should call the Lakewood Police Detective Bureau and ask for Wexler or StaffordSmith at (732) 363-0200.


Anonymous said...

The reason for all these attacks in Lakewood is quite simple. When Hagaon Hatzaddik Harav Bursztyn was brutally attacked by a police officer, the illustrious va'ad made it go away and the accursed officer is still working as far as I know!

Isaac Wertheimer from Vos Iz Neias said...

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