Thursday, January 26, 2006


Lakewood's Police department newly anticipated computer system (we doubt) will solve many of the ongoing Police department problems.

It's all too common to see 2-3 police cars parked along side each other in a parking lot for a half hour or more. Any reason they can't be patrolling the different crime areas of the Township?

Any reason that they can't be out checking for the many street lights that are not working thereby causing a safety hazard. In the agreement that Lakewood Township has with the Utility Company, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of Lakewood Police to report the light outages.

Mind you All of Lakewood Police cars have GPS units, it must be that nobody is checking them on a constant basis. "IS THE NEW COMPUTER GOING TO HELP?"

There are wrongfully issued summonses by the police for different violations e.g. parking tickets when the sign posted & the Lakewood Ordinance permit it. "WILL THE NEW COMPUTER SYSTEM SOLVE THAT?"

Summonses are issued for hitchhiking, when the pedestrian is in fact NOT hitchhiking and is also in full compliance of the applicable NJ Statute. IS THE NEW COMPUTER SYSTEM GOING TO SOLVE THAT ONE?

Summonses issued for parking too close to a fire hydrant, I produced a tape measure to the Officer while he is writing the summons, that the vehicle is parked 100% legally, "I'm sorry I already wrote the ticket". It took 4 trips to the Court (over 7 hours waisted) to resolve the issue, there was no dismissal of the officer even though he issued a citation even though he KNEW it was FALSE! WOULD THE NEW COMPUTER SYSTEM SOLVE THAT?

There are many more of these type of episodes which we'll leave for another date.

Let's have a Police Civillian Review Board, perhaps that will change something, at least it will make the Citizens feel that it doesn't get shoved under the carpet.

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